Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Day 16 of 30 Days of Mayhem: Washington DC

We all slept in.  It was glorious not to have to get started early.  Can you tell two weeks of constant travel is starting to tire us out just a little bit?  

We got into DC around 1:00, I think, I would know if I had actually blogged this on Day 16 instead of Day 20, but well, I've been a bit busy actually doing vacation stuff.  We debated taking the metro or driving into the city.  Since it was the weekend and there are six of us, it was decided that driving would be quicker and cheaper.  So that is what we did.

We walked, and walked and walked.  Or maybe that is just how it seemed to me after spending two days in NYC then a day on the road with a side trip in Philly.  

Just walking through the city, Rehm kept stopping in his tracks in amazement and exclaiming at each new building he encountered.  Even after NYC, he could still be impressed.  It was fun to watch all of the kids experience the city and see what stood out to them as we walked through.
In front of the National Archives

Department of Justice

Our first stop was the Capitol  When we got up to the Capitol I asked everyone to stop for a picture.  After taking the picture Rehm informed me that this was the back of the Capitol.  We were meeting my friend Linda, another September 1999 Mom, and her daughter's at the Capitol.  We headed around to the front of the Capitol to meet them.  Linda texted that they were there and at the front of the Capitol.  I texted back that we were too.  At that point she said she thought we had different definitions of the front of the building.  I'm thinking the local probably knows more about the building than my Texas kid.  Michael and all six of the kids visited the Capitol Visitor's Center while Linda and I sat and caught up.  

Maniac backs with the back of the the Capitol, if you are not a local
In front on the Capitol

Our next stop was the Air and Space Museum.  The first order of business there was to get some lunch.  The kids hit it off nicely and all seemed to enjoy hanging out.  Rehm has decided he wants Linda's family to adopt him.  And he is actively looking at colleges in the DC area.  If and when he meets Linda's husband he will be even more sold. The girls loved the simulator where you had to fly your mail plane from New York to Cleveland without crashing.

Rehm seeing if he qualifies to be a 1950s stewardess

Brenna, Ruby and Eliza Claire trying to get the mail to Cleveland
Our last stop of the day was the Natural History Museum.  I liked this museum better than Air and Space, Michael liked Air and Space better.  I honestly don't know what the kids thought.  I think they pretty much liked it all.  

Rehm having a little alone time at the Natural History Museum
The Hope Diamond.  
One of the facts I found the most interesting at the Natural History Museum was that when Harry Winston donated the Hope Diamond he mailed in by US Postal Service!  He insured it for $1 million. But mailed it by regular mail!  Can you imagine? 

At none of our stops did we by any means see all there was to see.  We could have easily spent an entire day in each museum.  

Ruby was thrilled that Rehm said "yes" to a piggy back ride.  This is a true rarity!  
Eliza Claire photo bomb
Hoping to get caught up on all the blogging today, but it is loud and a bit crazy here with the kids and my nephew running in and out and trying to carry on conversation with my parents and sister while blogging.


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