Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cute Things Heard Around My House

Eliza Claire
Oh Man! (said with lots of feeling)
I see doggie!
Baby happy
Liza want more ______ (insert whatever Liza wants)
Liza needs go night night!
Liza go outside! Blow bubbles!

Eliza's Nighttime Prayer
Thank you Mommy
Thank you Daddy
Thank you Eem
Thank you Charla
Thank you BB

We have always prayed with both girls and given them time during the prayer to add their own things. For the last few nights as soon as I start praying this is what Eliza says, instead of the random babbling she used to say.

Oo ah, oo ah (her word for monkey)
Don't know
Wan sum! (want some)
Hold you, Mama.
Peas! (Please)
Isick! (her word for music. Heard every time you turn the car radio to an adult station or off)

Favorite Books - I highly recommend these to anyone with toddlers. I need to video story time with these, my girls have made them quite interactive.

Bunny and Me
Sam's Cookie - there is a whole series of Sam books that are all adorable, this is the only one we actually own. Ooh, I need to remember that for their birthday - Sam's Potty might be perfect for them.

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Cici said...

For a second I thought that Eliza was Charlotte! They are cutie pies.