Friday, June 13, 2008

Papa Socks!

Ruby, Charlotte, Rehm, Eliza Claire

This is a phrase we hear daily in our house right now. Grandma and Grandpa went to Alaska an brought socks back for all four kids. We decided these should be their "sleeping socks." Every night when it is bed time Ruby and Eliza Claire start running around saying "Papa socks, Papa socks!" over and over and over. They do the same thing as soon as we walk in their room in the morning.

It is amazing that Grandma doesn't get any credit for these socks because I'm sure Grandpa really was responsible for finding just the right pair for each kid.


Brenna and Molly said...

Love them! Rehm's especially!

Shelly said...

I had some PaPa socks when I was a little girl - green wool! Not anywhere near as cool as those four pair!