Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not Super Mommy

I started the day thinking I could be Super Mommy today. We had a long list of things that had to be done today that included: several loads of laundry, making rice crispy treats and chocolate white chocolate chip cookies, making a salad, a playdate, a meeting, and picnic at church and a going away dinner. After breakfast we had an hour and a half before we needed to leave for our playdate followed by a work meeting.

I decided that this was plenty of time to help the kids make their entries for the church picnic dessert contest. Rehm was making rice crispy treats and Charlotte was helping with the chocolate cookies. I managed to forget the four kids helping when I was calculating the time needed to get this done.

I got Rehm set up measuring out rice krispies and was creaming the butter and sugar for the cookies. Charlotte wanted to help crack eggs and put them in. While I was helping Rehm with something, she proceeded to dump an egg and a metal half cup measure into the mixer while it was on. In addition to making lots of loud noise the measuring cup went flying through the kitchen flinging batter haphazardly in its wake! Charlotte got sent to couch time while I cleaned up the batter and measured the rest of the ingredients because girls who do not listen to Mommy and put things in the mixer without permission must have a time out.

Eliza Claire was watching from her seat at the table. Ruby was "helping" from her perch on the two step stool. Charlotte was on the step stool - once she got out of time out. Rehm was on another step stool melting butter and marshmallows at the stove - yes I know having a kid on a stool stirring something hot probably isn't the best idea. After rescuing the marshmallows from potential burning we got the rice crispy treats in the pan. I looked up and had twenty minutes until we needed to leave. The cookie batter wasn't even finished much less cookies baked. Lunch wasn't packed, snack wasn't packed, water bottles weren't filled. I needed a clean shirt because shockily mine was covered in coco powder. The kitchen looked like a candy factory had exploded. The kids were not listening but running around squealing.

I hurried and finished the cookie batter and decided we would be making bar cookies instead of drop cookies. I got them in the pan. I asked Rehm to make water bottles. I asked Charlotte to go get closed toe shoes on. We have a rule that you have to wear socks and closed toe shoes if going to the park or school, which we were. Ruby and Eliza Claire were getting tired - ah the joys of toddler beds. Rehm finished the kid water bottles, I finished snacks for the car. I asked Rehm to make me a water bottle and rushed upstairs to change shirts. When I came back Rehm and Charlotte were still standing with the freezer door open arguing over who was going to put ice in my water bottle. I'm ashamed to say I yelled. And when they still couldn't get moving on the water bottle I took it away and filled it myself. I herded everyone to the car.

When I was putting Ruby in her seat she was fussing. I asked her what was wrong. Rehm piped up from the back seat with, "Mom, I think she is sad because you yelled at her." Great, thanks Rehm that's just what I needed. I realize I've forgot lunch and run in to grab it. I get back to the car and when I get in Rehm asked why I yell at the kids all the time. OK, I just have to say I don't yell at the kids all the time. But it does happen more than I would like. It usually happens when I get fed up because no one is doing what I've asked them to and instead of finding other means to get them to listen I yell. Today it happened because I was trying to do too much at one time and got stressed out by everything.

So I proceed to appologize to the kids for yelling and tell them I shouldn't have yelled and that I was sorry. That I had too many things going at one time. I reminded them if they helped me by doing what I asked I wouldn't get frustrated and yell. I look up to find Rehm reading a magazine. Great I take the time to appologize and he isn't even listening. Lovely!

So apparently they aren't going to remember that their Mom helped them bake two different desserts for the dessert contest - because you know they could not possibly cooperate and make one dessert that the could enter together. They are going to remember that Mommy got mad and yelled.

We went to the playdate. We went to church for my meeting. We came home. We had quiet time and then Rehm and Charlotte washed the dishes from the baking session. I found a great system for this too. Rehm got to wash. Charlotte got to rinse and inspect Rehm's washing job. If it wasn't clean she got to make him re-wash. After the dishes were washed, Rehm wiped the counters and water off the floor while Charlotte sharked (cordless vacuum - couldn't live without it). Then we all went upstairs and watched Wipeout while we all folded laundry.

Are you tired yet. I now need to go make myself at least partially presentable. Wake the little girls. Take the kids to church to meet Michael. Do a little bit of work and rush to a girl's dinner I have tonight. Then when I get home I need to get ready for the twins birthday which is tomorrow.

If I'm not in a straight jacket by the end of the week you might get another update on our crazy life.


Karen said...

Okay, I'm exhausted now. Good luck tomorrow!

Brenna and Molly said...

Don't beat yourself up. Having too many balls in the air makes anyone stressed and you definitely had your hands full today (like every other day, right?)

Tomorrow will be better!