Saturday, June 07, 2008


The evening of my frustrating afternoon on the phone about the vacuum cleaner I went to the actual store so I could deal with a real live person. With in five minutes of getting there I had a manager agree to give me a brand new vacuum to replace my broken one. In the process of getting the actual vacuum I met the person I had been talking to when my phone died. He was very nice and very helpful and had been trying to find a way to figure out who I was to get in touch with me. He was very glad I had come in and the store was giving me a new vacuum.

So with a little annoyance and a lot of insistence I now have a nice shiny new vacuum. I'm taking bets on how long this one will last. The manager that agree to replace it did urge me to buy the protection agreement because she said they "would not replace it again." I told her that was fine if it broke again I just wouldn't buy that brand the next time but I wasn't investing anymore money on this one. I did ask her if she would include the protection agreement since she wouldn't refund the money for my repair that never got done. Her response was "Ma'am, I'm giving you a new vacuum." I decided I better not push my luck.

I did just this week buy a new dishwasher and I did look at the store the vacuum came from but did not buy there as the other place I was looking had cheaper delivery and installation. So I might shop there in the future but I guess time will tell. Well and how long the vacuum lasts this time!

Now if I can just get the hospital to quit sending debt collectors after me for a bill from when the twins were born that was paid by insurance (I have a copy of the cashed check!) I'll be a happy camper. Every time I send the documentation to the debt collectors they just have a different debt collector contact me. I guess they think I'll eventually get tired of fighting them and pay it. Apparently they don't know who they are dealing with yet :) But man am I tired of wasting my time dealing with this.


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