Friday, June 13, 2008

Going to the Gym

Well, since school has been out for everyone I have been going to the gym regularly. However, several of my friends are giving me a hard time about it. You see most days I don't actually work out, I work!

This is the deal. For the summer I have no regular childcare lined up. Through the gym I am allowed two hours of childcare each day. I can't leave the building but that is OK because there is free WIFI available in the Cafe. So I put the kids in childcare and go to the cafe and work.

The last few weeks I've been getting ready for VBS. Ocassionally I take a day and work out and yesterday a friend caught me taking a day off from it all and reading a novel! This is the cheapest regular childcare I can line up.

Maybe after VBS is over I'll be able to work out at least a couple of the days I'm there.

PS I LOVE my gym (Lifetime Fitness) if you have one near you I highly recommend it!

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