Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Dinner

I asked Rehm on Monday what he wanted me to cook for his birthday.

Me: What would you like me to make for your birthday dinner?

Rehm: You mean we can't go out?

Me: Nope. What do you want to have here?

Rehm: What are my choices?

Me: You get to pick whatever you want.

Rehm: Does that include take out?

Smarty pants. Says a lot about what he thinks of my cooking.

Me: Um, no. I'm cooking your birthday dinner.

Rehm: OK, I want your homemade macaroni and cheese but with the regular macaroni shape and not wheat pasta. The last time you made it, it was wheat and some other shape! (The horror of some healthy whole wheat ziti - someone please report me for child abuse).

I have yet to determine what I am serving with the Mac and Cheese for those of us who will eat meat, vegetable and/or fruit. Now I'm off to find the BH&G cookbook and Alton Brown's recipe to determine my recipe for Mac and cheese. I can never follow a single recipe and even with two I'll still do part of it different from either one. I am such a non-conformist.

I wonder if the boy will be pleased with his birthday dinner or not. At least he liked his present from us - I was afraid it wasn't going to be received well but it was.

Happy Friday - Girls are napping, well at least one or two of them but they are all quiet for the moment so I really don't care if they are napping or not.


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