Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crazy Afternoon

When I picked up the girls from school Tuesday Ruby threw a fit, and I mean fit, because I helped her wash her hands because she refused to rinse the soap off of them. Ladies and Gentlemen we are talking a 20 minute fit where she kicked and screamed and yelled "NO Mommy!" over and over as if i was beating her - I wasn't, I was simply carrying her to the car because she refused to walk because she was screaming. Finally after 20 minutes I got her strapped into her seat.

At this point it is 2:40 and we are 20 minutes from home and Rehm gets out of school in five minutes! Not good. So I'm doing my best to get home as quickly as possible. Charlotte is having a snack and starts coughing - something went down the wrong way. Charlotte has a very sensitive gag reflex. Coughing frequently causes vomit. And of course this was one of those times. We are driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour and late to pick up the boy. I have no time or way to even try to pull over for her to be sick. So she is now covered in nastiness, I'm late and Ruby is still mad at me for the whole hand washing things.

Two hours later the van, car seat and girl are all cleaned up.

Oh and when we got home and I got inside, I found Rehm sitting in a chair calmly playing his DS. He didn't even ask where we had been or why we hadn't met him like usual.

Ah the joys of small children. I think it is time to keep a container within Charlotte's reach in the van for days like today.

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