Sunday, March 29, 2009

Swim Suits

Over spring break I realized it was time to buy Charlotte new swim suits. She has worn the same ones for the past 2-3 years and they need to be replaced. When I was getting out suits for her and her brother to go to Sea World I realized how different the styles are for girls and boys. Rehm has swim trunks to his knees and a swim shirt. He is completely covered from his neck to his knees. Charlotte has a tankini that covers OK for a tankini and a swim shirt over top, but still no where near as covered as Rehm.

If you look in stores for girl swim suits you can find one piece swim team style suits,some tankinis or bikinis. If you find a suit that covers more on the bottom (shorts or skirts) then it comes with a tiny bikini top. If you find a tankini that covers most of the torso you get a bikini bottom. Why is this? Why do we cover our boy as much as if they were in regular clothes and put our girls in the equivalent of underwear?

I refused to try to do it again this year. I told Michael if I had to I was going to buy her boys swim trunks and a swim shirt. Luckily I found a sale at Lands End and was able to get her something that covers her up and is girly at the same time. This and this are what she will be sporting this year.

I want my girls to have things that are comfortable and appropriate for their activities but they just don't need to be running around in the equivalent of their undies. I'm done and I am really starting to sound like my mother...

Anybody with me?


Shelly said...

Yep. Last year I let Cameron get a 2-piece tankini but it constantly showed her belly and this year I firmly insisted on a one-piece. It's flattering but not showy.

Brenna had the swim shirt from Target last year and I love it. I might look for another one for both girls this year. Not only "covering" but also cuts down on the risk of sunburn across shoulders, back, and chest!

Wencked said...

I have some of these issues with finding a suit for me to wear, I can only imagine if I had girls. Looks like you found a very cute compromise suit.

greengem01 said...

We went through that too when Amy was young. Emily (at age 9) still wears a size 4-5 swimsuit so she's more covered then other girls her age. I love swimshirts!!
Now my problem is Amy... a 14 year old girl is a LOT harder to cover up!!

I'm with you - cover it up!!

Brenna and Molly said...

Bathing suits are hard. Two pieces are so much more convenient for bathroom breaks (trying to pull a wet suit up on a wet or sandy kid is nearly impossible!) but they can be flat out skimpy. My girls mostly wear Speedo racer-type one piece suits when they have swim team or takini styles if we're just relaxing at the pool. I love the little board shorts.