Monday, March 09, 2009

Hair: Messy "Bun"

Since Valentine's day, I haven't done a whole lot with the girls hair. Occasionally we will do a do that involves multiple ponies, maybe with knots, maybe with braids, maybe even a fishtail braid but nothing too elaborate. This morning was no exception but the end result really suits Charlotte.

It was basketball day so we needed to get her hair out of her face. So we decided on a pony tail. When I was doing the pony tail I decided to turn it into a messy bun instead. I should have gelled her hair first so she would not have had so many fly aways around her face, but with the messy bun it really looks cute.

To do this style, all you do is pull it into a ponytail and on the last time through the elastic only pull it halfway. Then fan the ends like you want them and voila an instant messy bun.

Um, Charlotte, what is on your shirt?

Yeah, I don't know why you have that on in March, either!


Karen said...

Messy buns are good. I wear my hair like that all the time. Oh, and the look on her face in the last photo--made me laugh! :)

Brenna and Molly said...

My girls love messy buns too. It's what all the teenage girls wear so you know it has to be a good look!