Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Conversation with a Five Year Old

Yesterday Charlotte called me into her room.

Charlotte: Mom, Ruby peed on my bed!

Me: No she didn't. She has had dry pants all day long.

Charlotte: Well my bed is wet and it smells like pee! (Love that she performed the smell test, wonder where she learned that one.)

Me: Really. Hum.

Charlotte: I didn't pee on it! So it had to be Ruby!

Me: It couldn't have been Ruby because her pants are dry. And I didn't pee on your bed!

What cracks me up is I'm sure it must have been Eliza Claire. She was wearing big girl pants for a portion of the day and they were playing upstairs during that time. She is definitely not potty trained. We are just starting to work on it. It never occurred to Charlotte to blame Eliza Claire. Never crossed her mind. She is still convinced it was Ruby.


Brenna and Molly said...

Poor Ruby - already pegged as the troublemaker. :) Eliza Claire can use this to her advantage if she plays her cards right!

Keri said...

Poor Ruby getting a bad rap while Eliza Claire gets off scott free. LOL