Friday, March 27, 2009

Toddler Dreams

I've often wondered what kinds of thing small children dream about. I know my girls have bad dreams. There have been many times that I've gone in during the night because they are crying and very upset but there is nothing physically wrong. They will tell me they've had a bad dream but never elaborate. I know that isn't shocking for a two year old as they are still working on verbalizing their world.

This morning around 5:30 Ruby was crying. I went to see what was wrong. As soon as she saw me she looked at me and said, "Why Daddy leave me at Chuys?" I assured her that her Daddy would never leave her somewhere and got her settled.

I laughed all the way back to my room because now I know what toddlers dream about. It was all I could do not to wake Michael to share the hilarity but I knew how thrilled he would have been if I had. When I told him about it this morning his wry response was, "I'm glad to know her dreams are just like her mother's."

I just dreamed this week he decided to divorce me - my worst nightmare. He doesn't find it a bit humorous that the dreams where he divorces me are more disturbing to me than the ones where he dies. I hope his parents aren't getting offended by reading this. First, let me say I can not control my dreams. Second, Michael not being in my life for whatever reason is my worst nightmare. Third, him divorcing me would mean he was choosing to reject me, him dying would obviously not be his choice. That sense of rejection I always feel in these dreams are what makes it worse.

What is your worst nightmare?

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Cici said...

I really don't need to leave a comment as your last paragraph says exactly what I was going to tell you.