Saturday, June 20, 2009

Braids and Ponies

I did a variation of this hairstyle first on Ruby. I liked the idea but wanted something more symmetrical. I intended to do all three types of braids but on both sides of the head. However, I miscounted when I parted and put in the ponytails and did not have enough spaces for all three types of braids. Thus I skipped the fishbone braid. I forgot to snap pictures when I finished with her hair. You can still see the idea in these pictures from later in the day when we were swimming, though the twist braids are definitely starting to come out.

Later in the week I decided to do this style on Charlotte again with the intentions of doing all three types of braids but on both sides of her head. This time I got the parts and ponies right on the side I started with, but ran out of time due to it being VBS week. So I actually ended up doing exactly what was in the original post and just adding the unbraided side into the last ponytail for a side pony finish that I turned into a messy but. The asymmetrical style really suited Charlotte.

Can you tell Charlotte was not thrilled about having her picture taken in the garage while trying to get in the van to go to VBS? I was afraid if I waited to take the pictures after we got to VBS she would have ruined the style in the car so I snapped them while I could. The fishbone braid gets hidden behind the messy bun in the picture but it was definitely visible and distinct in real life.

I will definitely be using this technique again in the future.

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