Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Proper Way to Make Strawberry Milk

Recently we were all in the kitchen and Michael was making Charlotte strawberry milk. He made a point to tell her he was making it the "right way." When I questioned what the "right way" was, he explained that meant putting the strawberry powder in the cup first and then adding the milk. Apparently this is the way Cici makes it and it tastes better this way.

My first reaction was to roll my eyes. I mean, come on, what difference does it make? And who has the time to pay attention to which you put in first?

My second reaction was to burst out laughing. I'm sure my mom is already smiling because she knows exactly what this reminded me of and she is thrilled that I am getting my payback. The year before Kindergarten I stayed with Granny while my parents worked. Most days for lunch she would make me a bologna sandwich. It consisted of a slice of white bread, mayonnaise, and a slice of bologna. It never had two slices of bread. I thought this was the best sandwich ever. I had this game I played where I pretended the bologna was Noah's Ark and as I ate it the water was making the boat go away. It makes absolutely no sense to me now but when I was four this little game made me very happy.

When my mom tried to make bologna sandwiches at our house I wouldn't eat them. I said they didn't taste like Granny's. So she went and bought all the same brands Granny used and tried again. I still wouldn't eat them! They still didn't taste like Granny's. So then she gave up and started making me cheese sandwiches instead.

So I guess Charlotte's milk will just taste better when Cici is here to make it for her ;)


Cici said...

You are right...I knew where you were going on that one. On a sad note, I don't remember doing her milk that way. She will be disappointed in July when she finds that I don't do it that way.

Zander thinks the current way is perfect. I use the "syrup". Put milk in, add syrup, stir. THEN...this is what makes it perfect, and oh so healthy. You add some MORE syrup and don't stir. It ends up in the bottom of the glass and he can't drink it fast enough to get to that part. Think she will like that?

Jenn said...

Oh, she will definitely like that one!

Cici said...

I aim to "spoil"!p

Alicia said...

In my house I would be corrected that it isn't "strawberry" milk it's "pink" milk. That's what they have all called it for so long now.