Monday, June 22, 2009

My Much Needed Break

Now that VBS is over I have vowed to work less for the next couple of weeks. And I have not actually done any work for the church today, but I sure have not taken it easy. Here is my day so far.

Get everybody dressed and hair fixed.

Make breakfast - eggs with cheese and fruit

School time - Rehm did reading comprehension, timed math drills and handwriting. Charlotte did shape recognition and handwriting.

Art time - stickers, markers, water colors, tape, scissors and construction paper for all

Cooking time - made Five Minute Bread dough. I do not have the book but would like to get it. I got the basic recipe from here. I had considered starting a sour dough starter this summer as part of our science time but found this and thought it seemed much more simple. Having four helpers and a new recipe about drove me insane. That and the fact that I could not find the yeast I had just bought in the last two weeks especially for this project. I did find one package of yeast, which was enough, but somehow never located the other package.

More cooking - made banana muffins from a Blue's Clues book recipe while the kids destroyed the front room (you know the formal living/dining room turned play room/holding tank). I'll have to write more about this recipe when I have more time.

Room organizing - we are still in the process of moving all of Rehm's things from his old room to his new room and settling Eliza Claire in her new room (Rehm's old one). This morning we moved the drawers out of the front room into the dresser in Rehm's room. Then we moved all the books from the front room into the book case in his room. The kids were cute. They used the Little Tykes shopping carts. Rehm loaded the books into the carts, they brought them to me in his room and unloaded them, then I organized the books and put them on the shelves.

Lunch - nothing special Ramon noodle soup, cheese, crakers and fruit.

More cooking - Baked brown rice. I made enough to have spanish rice out of some for dinner tonight (we have left over steak and fajitas), cheesy rice for Rehm (he requested it) and to make Baked Rice Salad with the rest. Side dishes are basically done for the week.

After lunch the three girls further destroyed the front room while Rehm washed dishes, without complaining, and I cleaned up the kitchen.

I have now gotten everyone in their room for quiet time, which ends any minute now for the the big kids and gotten load of laundry started. I have 3 more loads that need to be done and probably 2 or 3 that are done that need to be folded and put away.

Now it is time to get back to my week of taking it easy. Wonder what I will get done with the rest of the afternoon?

Oh joy, Charlotte is done with quiet time, Rehm is five minutes away, and the timer just went off to tell me the tea is done. My break is officially over.

So glad it is summer and we all get to take it easy! Ha!


Shelly said...

That's not a refreshing break! You just wait about 2 1/2 more weeks!! Nothing to do but decide what to eat and whether or not to get up and another drink from the blender.

Jenn said...

I am counting the days! I can not wait. Though I do need to go shopping between now and then...