Friday, June 26, 2009

Three Already!

Ruby and Eliza Claire are three! I can't believe it! No more babies, no more cribs, no more toddler beds, no more diapers (at least not during the day), no more pacis, no more sharing a room. I have two big girls!

Ruby is rambunctious, precocious, dramatic, and sweet, sweet, sweet! Her favorite color is pink. She can not walk, she runs, skips or jumps. She stutters because she gets so excited to tell you something she can't get it all out. She talks all the time. She is my Ruby Roo, my Roo Roo, but not my Bee. She is Daddy's girl.

Eliza Claire is stubborn, cautious, sweet and snuggly! Her favorite color is blue and she is constantly reminding everyone of this fact. She likes to fly under the radar and quietly get her way. She loves cars, and balls and watching how things interact. She is my Eliza Piza, my Eliza Claire Bear, my Eliza Piza Claire Bear, my Stinker, my Lie Lie.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, smart, wonderful girls!


stace-c said...

How can it be??? Happy birthday to the two cutest twin girls I know :)

Brenna and Molly said...

Happy birthday to the darling duo!

Karen said...

They are so unbelievably adorable! Happy Birthday!!!

Keri said...

Happy Birthday Girls! I hope you had a wonderful third birthday!