Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bread, Hair and Fashion

This is random at best but it's what I've got today.

I had a couple of requests for pictures of the Five Minute Bread. So here they are. The first batch I had issues getting the bread in the oven and ended up with flour in the bottom of the oven. The flour burned and smoked but the bread turned out great.

The first batch

The second batch I got in the oven with no problems, it spread a bit more and was flatter, I think it could have cooked an additional five minutes or so. Again it tastes great. The kids love it.
Don't you love the little hand trying to grab the hot bread?

I did a hairstyle today I've never done before and it turned out perfect. Eliza Claire asked for two ponies. Her hair is getting long enough that I think two ponies look kind of weird. She likes braids so I asked her if I could braid her ponies and she agreed. I think the result is cute on her. It was a simple and quick do this morning.

Ruby, apparently with the help of Charlotte picked out her clothes and got herself dressed this morning. Not what I would have put together, but it is summer and I'm having to pick my battles. I did fix her hair and make her put on real shoes before leaving the house. I'm assuming people who saw her today knew she dressed herself. Otherwise I might be a bit embarrassed.

I'm sure before having children when I saw a child dressed like this I made some comment about never letting my children out of the house like that. But you know what I'm glad I could provide another childless person with this particular future lesson.

Off to finish dinner, put away laundry, wrap presents and get ready for two special girls' birthday tomorrow.


Alicia said...

WOW!! Is it really time for them to turn 2? Happy Birthday to Ruby and Eliza Claire!!

My friend told me that she used to teach and had stickers that said "I dressed myself" more to give the child a sense of accomplishment but I kind of thought it would be great to warn people that we decided not to pick that battle over them wearing flowers w/plaid or whatever.

Have a great day tomorrow!!

Brenna and Molly said...

I don't like the look of 2 long ponytails either- especially as kids get older. Sometimes on Molly I put them up high and wrap them into buns. Looks very cute and summery.

And I had to chuckle at Ruby's outfit. I was blessed with one little girl who would always let me dress her right down to matching hairbows and socks. So I was definitely of of those people who would look at the kid in the grocery store wearing pajamas, a tiara and a Batman cape and wonder to myself what kind of parent would let their child out like that.

Then God gave me Molly.

I still mentally apologize on a daily basis to all the parents I passed judgement on when I didn't know any better! :)