Wednesday, June 03, 2009


The VBS countdown is on! Twelve days to go. I am up to my ears in crew/volunteer assignments, emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, etc. So of course this is the perfect time to move the kids' rooms around. Yep, I'm crazy.

Rehm has moved into the play room and Eliza Claire has moved into his old room. This is Rehm's third move in this house. I expect it to be his last. Charlotte and Ruby keep asking why they don't get to move. But totally revamping two rooms is enough for me.

I've told them it will be a slow move. So far we have moved Rehm's night stand, desk, fish, wall hanging, and some clothes. Of course the biggest issue is figuring out where to put all the toys from the play room. Right now the ones that have moved are in the formal living room. It is a mess! With VBS looming on the horizon, it is likely to stay that way for several more weeks.

So why did I decide to make the move now? Because Ruby and Eliza Claire were continuing to have sleeping issues that were exacerbated by giving up their pacis. They were feeding off of each other and going to bed really late and not sleeping. The only solution was to split them up. So I'm sacrificing orderliness for sleep. So far it is a good trade. They are definitely sleeping better. Of course as I type I hear Ruby making some noise, but not enough to go check on her. The good news is she won't wake Eliza Claire making her noise

Oh, Eliza Claire got to move out of the current room into Rehm's room for three reasons. She is the better sleeper of the two so I expected her to have less sleep issues with moving. She is less likely to mess in Rehm's stuff until it is all moved. Last but not least, her favorite color is blue and so is Rehm's old room.

Due to VBS, I don't know how frequently I'll be posting between now and 6/15. If you are reading this and haven't turned in your forms yet, this is your friendly reminder to please get them to me ASAP.


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you are a brave brave woman!