Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ah, the Good Ole Post Office

We received an envelope in the mail yesterday. It was a USPS envelope with a big clear front window. It contained a piece of mail for Charlotte. The mail had been damaged in sending. According to the note on the back of the envelope from the post office they"sincerely apologized" and assured us they had forwarded this piece of mail in "an expeditious fashion." The contents: a birthday party invitation for a January 10th postmarked December 29th! Yesterday's date: February 6th! Expeditious - I'd hate to see slow!

Charlotte was very, very, very sad (read that, big tears and wailing sad) that she had missed her friend's birthday party. Try explaining to a five year old that the post office screwed up. It did nothing to console her. It did however make me want to drive to the post office, march my screaming child to the counter and say "You make it alright that she missed the birthday party!" and hand them the envelope. Of course I can see how that one would play out...

Postal Worker: Next!

Me: Can you please explain to my daughter why she can not attend A's birthday party?

Charlotte: Screaming with crocodile tears running down her face.

PW: Excuse me? Do you have something to mail?

Me: No I don't have anything to mail today. We received this in the mail and I need you to explain to my daughter why she can not attend the party.

At this point Charlotte would be blowing snot on everyone and the twins would be climbing something I'm sure.

PW: Um, ma'am we just deliver packages, if you don't have something to mail you'll have to leave now.

Me: But someone has to explain to my daughter why she missed this party and since it is your fault I think you should be the one to explain.

PW: Crazy lady, I mean ma'am. You are going to have to leave now or I'll have to call security.

At this point I would say something rude about customer no service and collect my children and leave and all 20 people standing in line behind me would shake their heads and wonder what mental institution gave me a day pass.

Ah the joys of parenting,


Jill said...

Poor girl. Maybe you could make it up with a birthday playdate. Cupcakes & tea?\

Brenna and Molly said...

Oh that's a pitiful face!

I'm surprised the other parent hasn't mentioned anything since then or didn't follow up when you didn't RSVP.

Poor Charlotte.