Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ruby's Family Tree

This morning Ruby was talking to Cici on the phone. She picked up the phone and said, "I Ruby Caroline." Then she pointed to her sister and said, "there my sister Eliza Claire. My other sister is Charlotte. I have two brothers. Rehm is downstairs. My other brother, he in heaven. He a kitty cat!"

At that point I cracked up and of course she had no idea why. As I was listening to her I was so proud that she knew she had two brothers. And when she said her brother was in heaven, I thought she was really starting to understand, well as much as a two year old can understand having an older brother she's never met in heaven. And then she burst my bubble completely. One day the cat and the brother won't be so tied together in her mind. We talked about both of them later. Hopefully now she is clear on the fact that the cat isn't/wasn't her brother.

Silly girl

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