Monday, February 09, 2009

We Heart Hair

This week we have tried out a couple of new hairstyles on Charlotte. I am not creative when it comes to doing hair. I can only do very basic stuff, like simple ponytails and basic braids. I have never been able to master french braiding or other more elaborate hairstyles. My repertoire for fixing the girls' hair consist mostly of pulling it back from the face with either a single elastic or clip. Occasionally, I'll curl Charlotte's hair with either curlers or a curling iron. Again, I really don't know what I'm doing and the results are somewhat mixed.

A friend sent me the link to She Does Hair several months ago. I now feel the need to at least occasionally try a new hairstyle. Thanks so much Alicia for adding this extra bit of pressure to my already crazy life. I really appreciate it :)

I have learned that having the right tools is key to doing most styles. I've also learned that most up dos need to be done with wet hair and that hair gel, I prefer Garnier Fructis products, is my friend if I want the styles to hold and not have a bunch of fly-aways. Another lesson learned is that parts do not always have to be in the center or on the side. Diagonal parts and parts from one ear to the other make even the most simple ponytail look much fancier.

This is supposed to look like a heart and came from She Does Hair . I had a hard time getting the point down far enough and the next two ponys up far enough. It looked a little more oval shaped than heart shaped. It probably would have helped if I had used silicon elastics instead of the typical cloth covered ones. The one nice thing about this style is it stayed put. She even slept on it and was able to get a second day out of it.

This style came from The Story of a Princess and her Hair. It is actually very simple and turned out super cute. It stayed in all day but did not make it to a second day. It also required a bobby pin to hold the braids in place. This took about 10 minutes to do, including getting all the tangles out, and I'm sure would go quicker next time.

The top picture shows the heart off well. The bottom one shows the whole head better but gets a bit washed out.

I have a couple more heart styles to try later in the week if I can get Charlotte to agree to to them. Pictures will of course be forthcoming.


Alicia said...

I knew you needed one more thing to do!! :) You see I only have 1 girls hair to do and she is in the independent stage and refuses to let me do much of anything to it right now!! So if her hair is sticking up every which way it was not my doing!!

Also, the pictures didn't come up!! So I'll try back later.

Jill said...

Adorable. I didn't know you had hair-extraordinaire on your resume. Just wait until the twins want you to do the same.