Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Does Mommy Go?

A few weeks ago Michael and I were invited to attend the fifth anniversary celebration for our church's AA group. We took the children and dropped them off at childcare and proceeded to have a lovely dinner and celebration. When we picked them up a conversation ensued between Rehm and his Dad - I was not in the car for this, I just heard about it after the fact.

Rehm: Dad, what kind of meeting did you and Mommy go to?

Michael: It was the anniversary of the AA group here at the church.

Rehm: What is AA?

Michael: It stands for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Rehm: What is an Alcoholic?

Michael: Someone that finds drinking alcohol more important than their job or family.

Rehm: What is alcohol?

Michael: An ingredient in adult beverages like wine and beer and such...

Rehm: Does Mommy need to go to those meetings? She drinks a lot of wine!

Michael: No Mommy doesn't need to go. These meetings are for people who drink instead of doing the things they should be doing, like going to work and taking care of their family....

OK, so what is up with my child? First of all, I haven't had wine since Thanksgiving. Well I had wine when I went to Fredericksburg last month, but Rehm wasn't with me. So how do I drink a lot of wine? And further, I haven't had much of anything to drink, maybe a drink once a week, but not a lot! And, and, and, Michael drinks adult beverages as often as I do. Why didn't his son think he needed to go to meetings? First he tells me how fat I am and now he tells me I need meetings? Lovely!

I think I'll go have a beer...

PS. I am not making light of the true problem of Alcoholism. I know it is very real and very difficult. I think AA is a wonderful organization and works wonders for many, many people. I admire those who put the time and effort into working the program and recovery.

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Jill said...

Oh Jenn, just think out of the mouthes of babes. Maybe you are more vocal about your enjoyment, so he picks up on it. I can't think of the last time I said "Oh wow. This water is so great, relaxing, much needed, etc."

I guess I would be thankful for both someone so inquisitive and happy to have conversations with his parents. I will say that I am not looking so forward to those inquisitive years.