Friday, January 30, 2009

More about our Miis

OK for those of you who don't have a Wii or otherwise have no clue what I'm talking about, a Mii is a digital representation of person. You can design your Mii however you want. You can have mulitple Miis. You get to pick everything from hair color to body size to clothing colors. You use the Miis when playing a game. For example, shen I play Rehm in golf we pick our Miis and they play each other.

While Michael and I were creating our Miis an interesting conversation took place with Rehm. I created my Mii first. When I got to the place to adjust my body size I made my Mii heavier, his comment to me was that my Mii was not fat enough.

Rehm has made comments like this before. It started after I had the twins and my body didn't immediatley go back to the way it looked before the twin pregnancy. Honestly it still isn't back there and so every 3 months or so Rehm will make a comment about my size. I use this as a time to talk about the appropriate way to say these things, or not say them, as the case may be. And he is right. I am fat. I need to lose weight. The twins are 2.5, I can't really call it baby weight anymore. I've had plenty of opportunity to lose it and I haven't. I want to but obviously not enough or I would have made progress by now. We make a point to not talk a much about body size and being fat. We talk about being healthy and making good food choices but we don't use words like fat or skinny or diet. We are trying very hard to raise our kids with healthy body images and healthy eating habits.

Anyway, the point here was simply that Rehm commented on the fact that I am overweight and I didn't make my Mii overweight enough.

Then Michael creates his Mii. When he gets to the part where he can adjust his body size he makes his Mii as tall as allowed and then starts to make his Mii heftier. Rehm pipes up with "Dad, why are you doing that? You're not fat!"

Michael and I at a wedding in October

At this point I am just amazed. My husband is just as overweight as I am. He has always been overweight. His son has never seen him when he was not overweight. But in his son's mind he is not overweight. He is normal sized to thin. But his mother is grossly overweight. I just don't get it. All I can figure out is that Rehm has seen my body size change dramatically over the course of two pregnancies and while his father has gained an lost weight over Rehm's life it has never been as dramatically as my weight change. Anyway, what's up with that? A boy sure does know how to make his mother feel bad.

This is the day before the twins were born. I should have cropped my head out. I look horrid. But hey, I was 37.5 weeks with twins. I was allowed to look bad, right?

See, I told you I needed the Wii Fit. And yes, my son agrees.

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