Sunday, January 18, 2009

Incentive or Bribery, Is there really a Difference?

Today Charlotte and I took Ruby and Eliza Claire on a little field trip. We went to the mall to visit Build A Bear. We didn't purchase anything, we just looked.

Michael and I have been talking to the girls for a couple of weeks about giving up their pacis. We have told them that when they are ready to throw them in the trash we can go to BAB and make a new animal.

They both have BAB animals that were gifts from their siblings when they were born. Eliza has a monkey named Zap and Ruby has a frog named Zip. While they know what comes out of BAB they have never been inside the store.

We decided seeing it with their own eyes might help motivate them to get rid of the pacis a bit earlier.

They were almost overwhelmed by all the choices. Ruby kept going from outfit to outfit saying "I get that for my bear!" They changed their minds several times on what animal they would chose if they got to get one today.

Eliza's final choice today

Ruby's choice of the day

Charlotte enjoyed being the experienced big sister and showing them around the store.

When we got home they had this conversation with Micheal:

Michael: Where did you go this afternoon?

Twins: Shopping. To the mall.

Michael: What store did you go to?

Twins: Build A Bear

Michael: Did you buy an animal today?

Twins: No!

Michael: Why not?

Twins: I have to throw my paci in the trash before I get an animal

Michael: Will you get another paci after that?

Twins (in unison): YES!

We obviously still have some work to do. But the seeds were definitely planted.

When Michael asked what animal they would have gotten today, Ruby said "Hello Kitty" and Eliza Claire said "Hello Kitty or a doggie." You notice that none of these are in the pictures above. I think when someone is ready to go get their animal it will be a long shopping trip.

Is this bribery or an incentive? I don't really care. Either way, if it helps them decide they are ready to give up their pacis, I'm all for it.


PS The pictures are from my phone as I left my camera at work today. It really stresses me out to not have a camera. I'll have to go pick it up in the morning.


Alicia said...

I think it's an incentive and a good one at that. I know they will give them up when they are ready.

Keri said...

I remember trying to get rid of my kids pacis. They were addicts. Riley left hers out for the paci fairy to pick up for new babies and the paci fairy left her a nice incentive. Good luck! I think BAB is a great incentive for the girls.