Thursday, January 08, 2009


My camera is still not here. It is killing me to be cameraless. I hope it gets here tomorrow but am afraid it will be Monday. I am not a patient person.

Michael took everyone to Rehm's practice tonight. He was 20 minutes late, but only went to the one school. Just made a wrong turn. See he's not good a finding this silly schools either. Can you tell it made me feel better that he didn't do it completely effortlessly?

Charlotte asked him at practice if she and her sisters could pretend their basketballs were babies. Luckily this was Rehm's practice, not hers, otherwise it would have been a really bad idea.

Ruby has the potty thing down. She managed to go to school and not have any accidents today! Woohoo! Eliza Claire is now showing interest in starting the process. If I'm late to something in the next few weeks just know it was because I was trying to convince two girls they had to go potty before we could leave the house.

Rehm is glad to be back at school. Otherwise if he can manage it he is playing Mario Party on his DS. When he can't manage the DS he is in his room reading.

Michael left after the kids went to bed to meet a friend. Rehm came in our room (I caught Michael's cold and was in bed as I'm wiped out by evening) and wanted to know where he was. I told him. Then this conversation happened:

Rehm: Who's going to turn off my lava lamp

Me: Your Dad

Rehm: How will he know he's supposed to? (I ususally do it when I come to bed)

Me: Because he knows he needs to check on you when he comes home tonight.

Rehm looked at me doubtfully but aquised and went back to be. Then Charlotte came in:

Charlotte: Where's Daddy?

Me: He went to meet Uncle Kevin

Charlotte: So who is going to take care of us while he is gone?

Me: Um, me.

Charlotte: Are you sure?

Me: Um, yeah, that is why I'm here and talking to you right this minute. I am the adult in charge.

Who knew Mommy resting in bed when Daddy left for the evening could be so perplexing.

Hopefully I'll have new pictures soon.


Cici said...

Feel better soon.

Shelly said...

Love the conversation! I hope you feel better today. Blast that camera for taking so long!

Keri said...

I love Charlotte's reply "are you sure". It made me LOL. Hope you are feeling better. I've had this darn cold for two weeks now and I am wiped out by 8 pm so I know how you feel.