Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Aha Moment

Charlotte is home sick today. She threw up in the van on the way home from church last night. I was the lucky parent. I was at work and did not have to be the one to deal with the majority of the clean up! Yippee! There are some perks to working part time. She is still complaining that her head and tummy hurt but has not had any more incidents.

Since Charlotte is sick, she can't go to school. Since she can't go to school I can't go to work. Since we are sick the TV can be on all day and I don't have to feel guilty about it. Since we are not going anywhere today, it is OK for Charlotte to be in PJs and me in sweats. Since we aren't rushing around to get to school and work I've had time to work on laundry and pick up some toys. The girls have played happily or otherwise occupied themselves.

I realized that three to four years ago this is what many of my days looked like. Everyone was only in school two mornings a week and we had several mornings where we had no where we had to be and nothing we had to do. I felt a day was productive if I got the laundry done, picked up the clutter and maybe made dinner. I didn't feel guilty if I took an hour on the computer or sat down to read for a while.

Now it seems we are always rushing from one thing to the other. It seems that every morning we have to hurry and get ready. We have to be out of the house by a certain time. The to do list is much longer and the guilt when taking some time for myself is much greater.

No wonder I feel like I'm losing the battle of "getting it all done." The rules have changed. There is a lot more to get done these days. I work significantly more. I have twice as many chlildren. We have twice as many activities. My definition of a successful day now includes working outside the home 3-5 hours, getting four children where ever they need to be, laundry, straightening, cooking, etc. It all crept up on me and while I think, "I used to be able to do it all why can't I now?" Now I know, I didn't used to do all this!

Who knew sick days could be so relaxing? And hopefully I'll get a couple of hours of work done during nap time.

Off to fix lunch and hope everyone keeps it down.


Shelly said...

I'll confess. While Brenna was sick Mon and Tues, I didn't do much of anything. I DID sit on the computer for over an hour. I felt guilty as all heck. I even called Bryan and said "Is there anything in particular you're expecting me to get down while I'm home today?" When he said "no" I enjoyed a nap on the couch with Brenna.

I feel guilty all the time trying to take time to myself. And I also try to make sure that Bryan gets a little to himself also.

greengem01 said...

Well - I'll confess too :)
I have the same problem as you do - more kids, more responsibility, a job outside the home, more activities... things get a little crazy!!
Don't feel bad about taking some time to yourself! I laid around all day yesterday (I was sick) but I didn't do a darned thing in the house and although this morning I looked around and figured out I'm insane for not getting up and keeping track of things - well - some days you just can't! Enjoy your day to yourself, sit at the computer if you want to, and I'll be thinking of you while I'm flying through laundry, homework, dinner, dishes, vaccuuming and dusting tonight! haha!