Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mommy's Big Helper

I came downstairs this morning to find Charlotte busily working in the kitchen. What was she doing? Making breakfast for herself and her sisters! Why? Well, apparently her Daddy left before making her breakfast and she was ready to eat. So instead of complaining/whining to me - I was upstairs getting her sisters dressed- she took it upon herself to make breakfast! What a great girl!

So what did she make? Cheddar sandwiches with mayo. Seem like a strange breakfast? Not so much if you know that is what her mom eats every morning for breakfast herself. When the little sisters came down they asked her to make their breakfast too. Instead of being snotty and telling them no, I know Charlotte would never be snotty, she made them a sandwich also! She even cut theirs in half for them.

The funny part of this is we didn't have any cheese sliced. So she got out the huge, from Sams, block of cheddar and sliced it herself. The slice on her sandwich was extra thick - I think she was having some technical difficulties, and the block looked a bit worse for the wear, but she did it! She even cleaned up the mayo she spilled on the floor without being asked and before I got downstairs.

I'm so proud of my girl! She did a great job!



Brenna and Molly said...

What a good girl!!!

DeedleMe said...

I remember those cheese sandwiches and love them myself! Now I am hungry... good girl Charlotte!