Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Don't Need a Camera for this One!

Ugh! I'm the biggest idiot in the world! I hope you get a good laugh out of this one and hope I can see the humor in it soon.

Rehm and Charlotte are both signed up to play basketball. In getting them signed up it got confusing as to when and where they would be practicing and playing games. Then we got the call that Rehm's locations had changed. I thought I had it all straight in my head. Tonight I found out how very wrong I was.

Michael had a meeting after work where he was on a panel for a meeting being held by some Agile group (Michael feel free to edit this and make it accurate). [Side note: I do listen to my husband and have some idea of what goes on in his professional life, but a lot of the details get lost along the way, oops]

This meant that Charlotte had 6:00 pm practice and I had to take all four kids as Michael wouldn't be home. I told Rehm to pack his homework to do at the school. He ended up doing it after dinner in hopes of getting to play his Nintendo DS while we were gone.

At 5:45 I am getting everyone's shoes on when I realize Eliza Claire has a yucky diaper. I'll spare you the details but a wardrobe change was in order. We still managed to make it to N. Elementary by 6:05. I was feeling pretty good.

When we entered the gym I didn't see any girl players. Then I asked both the coaches their names. Neither was the one I was looking for. The coordinator looked us up on the schedule and told us we were supposed to be at G. Elementary. Oops! I got it a bit confused in my head and thought Charlotte was supposed to be at N. Elementary. No big deal I knew where G. Elementary was as that is where Rehm played when he was 5. We'd be even later but it would be OK. So I load all four kids and all their basketballs back in the car and head off for G. Elementary.

We get to G. Elementary and I go to grab coats only to notice that the pink coat I think is Ruby's is not hers. Hers is in my bag, this one is bigger with flowers. At N. Elementary I had asked Rehm to grab Charlotte's coat. Not only did he get Charlotte's but someone else's as well, oops.

Neither of the coaches at G. Elementary are the one I'm looking for. I see the coordinator there. I tell her this is our second stop and that the last place told us we were supposed to be at G. Elementary. She smiled and said "but this is K. Elementary." I thought I was going to cry by this point. I swear they changed the name of the school. I swear Rehm played at G. Elementary in the very gym I was standing in. But apparently having 6 month old twins when he was playing basketball there made the details like the name of the school a bit fuzzy.

The coordinator nicely gave me directions to the true G. Elementary and we trudged back through the gym and parking lot to get in the van again! During the walk to the van Rehm and Charlotte took it upon themselves to tell me all about how I had messed up the evening and that I'd better not lose the directions, etc, etc, etc. I had to give them a speech about how I expected them to do their best and sometimes they made mistakes and I was doing my best and they were going to have to be more gracious with my mistakes.

We load everyone in the car, again, and head off for G. Elementary, again. Are you with me? We are headed for elementary school number three!

I found the school but turned into the wrong drive. The kids started up, again. I reminded them I was doing my best. We get in the gym and we finally find the right team just as they are finishing practice and the parent meeting, oops! Charlotte was so sad. But the coaches were nice enough to introduce themselves and shoot a few baskets with her before we left, five minutes later.

All the way home Eliza Claire tells me, "but Mommy, I didn't get to throw my ball at that school!" And Rehm complains that he didn't get to play DS and says, "it's a good thing I did my homework before we came," in a very sarcastic voice. Then Ruby pipes up with, "my pants are wet!" I'd just asked her before we left the last school if she needed to go potty and she had said, "no, I fine." Surprisingly, I didn't yell and I didn't burst into tears. I didn't even call Michael's cell to leave a long message about what a horrible experience this was.

Everyone was in bed by 8:15 and Ruby is over her tantrum because she didn't get a song tonight.

Huh, that was a basketball practice experience I hope not to repeat again!

Oh, and now I have to find time to run over to N. Elementary to drop off the coat that isn't ours.

Hope you got a good laugh, someone should.

PS When we got home I found that Ruby's pants weren't wet after all. I think she was just testing me to see if she could be the thing that sent me over the edge...Nah, not Ruby! She'd never do something like that!


Alicia said...

I'm so sorry that happened!! That's the worst to cart the kids from one wrong place to another. Just know that I have done that too and also got the remarks about how I need to do it better the next time.

So what ever happened with the other jacket? You take it back to school #1? or was it #2?

greengem01 said...

Holy Cow! I'm so sorry!!

((HUGS)) for better future practices! I KNOW how hard it is to haul 4 kids around!

Shelly said...

I got a big laugh. I also said upon your leaving the 2nd school "I would have gone home." Bryan (reading over my shoulder) said "You would have lost it and been yelling and cussing."

So you get beaucoup points for keeping it together!!

Oh, and Rehm's sarcastic comment could just as easily have been from Cameron. It's just the thing she would have said.

Wencked said...

You are stronger than I am...I know I would have cried, at least some where along the way.

Cici said...

You ARE turning into me!

Keri said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. What a night. I would have bailed out after the second school and gone home. You are a GOOD mommy!