Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Blue Ghost's Madien Voyage

The Pinewood Derby was today -or as Ruby and Eliza say it the "Pinewood Dirty." The whole family was in attendance. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event. Rehm and Michael arrived before the rest of us to get officially weighed and entered. The Blue Ghost weighed in at exactly five ounces. Good thing it wasn't more as five is the limit. At home it weighed in at 4.9, glad we gave it a bit of wiggle room.

Rehm won two of his four runs and had great times on all four. Definitely not the fastest car there but in the middle of the pack.

And here is the video of one of the runs as well. Remember you can click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

I do have to say it was obvious which cars were primarily done by their parents and which were done by the children. Some of the cars there had very in depth mulit page blue prints for making them and were very sleek and cool. Others looked like a kid drew a simple design had their parents cut it out and then decorated it themselves. Looking at Rehm's car I think you can all guess at our philosophy on this topic.

I didn't know until the Derby was over that siblings and parents can also design their own cars to race after the official event. Another year we might help Charlotte with a car of her own. Then again given how close to the wire we were on getting Rehm's done I'm not sure we would actually get two cars completed.

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friendsmiling said...

What a handsome boy. Great picture of Rehm