Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Breakthrough

We went to McDonald's for lunch today. Yeah, I know it is McDonald's and I really don't like the place, but it was rainy this morning and with Ruby potty training a close potty is a necessity. Thus, the park was out.

The girls were really excited to go to McD's and I knew they would entertain each other and allow me to catch up on some phone calls and reading. When we sat down to eat, Eliza Claire asked where "Yink-on" (Lincoln) was. When I told her he wasn't coming all three girls looked a bit confused. Normally we meet some of our friends for playdates at McD's as it makes for an easy place for the children to play while the moms catch up. Today it was just us.

Now for the breakthrough. I didn't have to climb through the maze to rescue Eliza Claire one single time today! Yippee! Halleluja! Woohoo! Over the summer it seemed that every time we went to an indoor playscape something would upset her and I'd have to go get her. Today she did great! She had a fabulous time and didn't get upset! It was so nice. I loved seeing her way up high smiling and waving down to me. Too bad I didn't have a camera to snap her picture. Maybe next time.


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