Thursday, January 15, 2009

Since Several of You have Asked

Here is a review of the new camera.

I ended up purchasing the Nikon CoolPix S550 because it had the same megapixels as the old camera, more optical zoom, and the price point was very reasonable ($150). This is only my second non Canon camera ever.

My very first Canon was the Snappy. It was a very simple automatic 35mm with no zoom but included flash. I got it when I was 14 so I would have a decent camera to take with me on my trip to Europe that my parents were nice enough to allow me to go on. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I had the Snappy until after I got married. So about 10 years. I finally replaced it as I wanted something that zoomed. When I took the plunge to go digital I bought a Canon Digital Elph Power Shot S100. It actually still works but the zoom doesn't and at this point the battery doesn't hold a charge for more than a picture or two.

When the zoom went on the Digital Elph, I replaced it with the Canon Digital Elph Power Shot SD 1000. Loved this camera. It did everything I wanted and more. It had lots of settings and features. It took video. It had 10 megapixels which was a huge improvement from the 2.1 the old one had. I truly had no complaints about this camera. Well until I dropped it just right and killed it.

Not wanting to spend $250+ on another digital point and shoot that was likely to be dropped. I looked at severa options and dicided on the Nikon. Overall it is a good camara. It takes a great picture. It is small and very easy to use. It does not have all the bells and whistles of the old camera.

So far I have found that it won't allow me to zoom in and out while shooting video, my old one did. When viewing pictures, it doesn't self orient - meaning if I turn the camera it doesn't adust the picture to face the direction I turned the camera, my old one did. I also seem to have more pictures come out blurry than I did with either of the canon ones.

The accessories are far inferior to the old camera. The Canon used a mini USB cord to connect to the computer. The new one uses a proprietary cord and has the USB and A/V cords all connected together which makes for a bulky mess of cording to store and carry. It also means I have to have this cord to get pictures off the camera where as with a mini USB port any mini USB cord works. The battery charger is much more cluncky as well. It is a box the battery pops into plus a cord that plugs into the wall. My old one was just the box, it plugged in directly needing no cord. Again, much more bulky to store and travel with.

I have noticed that the new camera seems to do a better job with red eye. And, it pops up a message warning you when it detects someone blinking when the picture was taken.

I do have to say I haven't sat down with the user's guide yet. I'm hoping once I do some of my issues with the camera will be solved...

All in all, it is fine. But next time I'll be asking to see all the accessories before making my choice. Oh, and I'll probably buy another Canon.

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