Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When will it get here?

I am shocked that it has been a week since I've blogged. I don't know what has come over me. I've had nothing to say. I know that is unbelievable to most of you! I think not having a camera is making it especially hard for me to find something worth writing about. And you know what. The blasted camera is sitting somewhere in Oregon and I don't know when it will leave. Apparently bad weather has delayed the shipping!

Argh! Do they not know how badly I need this silly camera? Do they not understand that I can barely function without one? Apparently not. It is supposed to be here Friday. I hope it really is. And I hope I really like it when it gets here.

Shh! Don't mention this next part. I've decided that if I don't really like it, I'm going to put it up to give to Rehm for his birthday. He'd like to have camera and I think he is too big for a kid/toddler version and think this one would make him a nice one if it doesn't work for me.

So here's hoping I have a working camera by Saturday morning. If not I truly might just go crazy.


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