Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Summary

We've had a busy day. Church. Grandma and Grandpa's for lunch. Grocery store for Rehm and Michael. Build-a-Bear birthday party for Charlotte and Me. Rehm and Michael made a very yummy enchilada dinner.

Charlotte made a new friend at BAB. Her name is Loveable and according to Charlotte she is a moose. I think she is a girl reindeer but Charlotte says not, she says she is a moose. She was obviously part of their Christmas stock and Charlotte obviously picked up on that as she is sporting a very cure Santa themed red dress with white fur trim. I personally think Charlotte just was not ready for Christmas to be over quite yet.

Lovable's nickname is Luvie. According to Charlotte Lovable and Lisa Bunny (another one of Charlottes BAB creations) used to live together in the same BAB store. Then Lovable got moved to a different store. And then Charlotte bought Lisa Bunny and all this time Loveable has been patiently waiting for Charlotte to come find her so that she and Lisa Bunny could be together again. Charlotte got Lisa Bunny 2.5 years ago when she threw away all her paci's so Lovable has had a very long wait. They were very happy to be reunited today. And Charlotte is of course over the moon about her newest BAB creation.

That brings the total BAB number in our house to seven! Yikes! I will say that 2 were gifts, 1 from the birthday party, 1 for giving up pacis, and the other three were gifts from the older sibling(s) to the new baby(ies) in our family. I foresee being completely overrun with BAB's in about three years. We have 2 bears, 1 giraffe, 1 bunny, 1 moose/reindeer, 1 frog, and 1 monkey and a whole slew of clothes complete with several pairs of big girl pants/underwear.

Tonight at story time Eliza Claire picked Cat Heaven for her story. She points to the black cat throughout the book and says, "that's my kitty!" We stopped about halfway through and had this conversation about "Scratchery" (Zachary):

Eliza Claire: My kitty cat gonna find me and say "meow!"

Me: Eliza Claire you know that Zachary died and went to kitty heaven, right?

Eliza Claire: Yep!

Me: You know that means he can never, ever, ever, ever come back to our house, right?

Eliza Claire: Yep!

Me: Zachary's body could no longer work and he died and he is in heaven. We can't see him again until we are in heaven. We can't go there until we die and Zachary can't come back to our house from heaven.

Eliza Claire: He gonna walk and walk and walk and come back to my house!

Me: Eliza Claire, Sweetie, he can't walk and walk and walk back to our house because he is in heaven.

Eliza Claire: Yes he can, he's has feets!

This girl still thinks her sweet Scratchery is coming home and she is still waiting for him!

I just don't know what else to tell her to help her understand he really is gone. And even I draw the line at showing her his urn and telling her he doesn't have feets anymore because all that is left of him is in there.

Can someone get this girl a new kitty? Oh wait, that is my job and with two geriatric dogs now just doesn't seem like the right time to add another dependent to the family.

Happy Sunday,

PS. Pictures of Lovable to follow. Camera will hopefully be here tomorrow, though I'm doubtful as it just arrived in Dallas this afternoon. At this point I'm expecting it to be Tuesday. Argh!

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