Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing Baby Jesus

On the way home from school today the girls decided to play "Baby Jesus." What amazed me was that even Ruby and Eliza Claire knew they needed the following characters:

Baby Jesus
The Shepherds
The Three Wisemen
The Animals
An Angel

We haven't talked about this story in a couple of weeks. But they know it. They know the order, they know the characters, they know plot. They know it all. They even interject songs appropriately.

At one point Mary (Charlotte) called Baby Jesus (Eliza Claire) "the Lord." Eliza Claire told her she wasn't the Lord she was Baby Jesus. So Charlotte started explaining to her that Baby Jesus had lots of names including Lord, Son of God and Prince of Peace. She went on to tell her that Jesus didn't have a princess because he never got married.

Ruby at one point, while playing the part of the angel, asked me to hand her the Bible so she could read it to Baby Jesus.

I am so glad that between home, church and preschool they are getting a firm foundation in God's Word.

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DeedleMe said...

Do you remember when we would make up plays from the Bible to "perform" for the adults, but never did?