Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look at this Great Bag!


Getting the three girls and all of their stuff into preschool is always a challenge. Right now our campus is in the middle of construction. Parking is challenging, traffic in the lot can be bad, and depending on the weather it can be a big muddy mess. So trying to get three small children, all their coats, lunch boxes and water bottles/sippy cups in and out of school is difficult. I asked my mom to make me a new tote bag just to simplify this endeavor. It came last week and I love it!

Other side


Mostly packed for school - before I added coats, backpack and baggies containing breakfast

It will hold
  • three lunch boxes, three water bottles, three light weight coats and a small diaper bag or
  • three gallons of milk, five pounds of cheese, 4lbs of butter and toiletries or
  • three plasic bags worth of groceries or
  • A soft sided cooler full of juice boxes, a box of granola bars and my purse
These are just the things I've done with it this week. The possibilities are endless! I absolutely love this bag. Thanks Mom!

Oh, and the gorgeous table cloth was crocheted by my grandmother out of very fine cotton thread on a tiny crochet needle.


Brenna and Molly said...

Love it - your mom is the best!!! Be sure to let us know if you decide to disown her or something so we can start lining up to adopt her! ;)

(And sadly the going-out-the-door supplies don't lessen as kids get older. Granted my girls can carry much of their own gear but sometimes it's still too much. We left the other day with 3 winter coats, 2 hats, 3 pairs of mittens, 2 bookbags, 3 lunchbags, my totebag, a bag of gym clothes, a Scout knapsack, a dance bag, a flute case and a bag of library books. Can your mom make anything with wheels and a forklift? :)

stace-c said...

Wow, I totally covet this bag! That is a great idea.