Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's Hair



Other side - with heart


Last night the girls picked out their hairstyles they wanted for today. I printed a picture of each to have something to go by. They were so excited and the first thing they all mentioned this morning was getting fancy hair.

Charlotte's is just a variation on the heart we did Sunday. With messy buns added. It is an adaptation of a design on She Does Hair as I don't have any ribbon in the house. It was easy. The final result though ended up reminding me a bit too much of Joy Turner on My Name is Earl. Especially since the messy buns got a bit fuzzy and from the front the buns don't look centered, though from the back they do.


Eliza Claire

I thought Ruby and Eliza Claire's would be much easier. I was wrong! I thought we were going to have to abort the hair mission before ever getting the hearts done. I think I needed at least on more hand to have any chance a these looking right. This idea came from Jackie and Cassie's Sweet Hair Dos. The thing that finally helped was twisting both the separated sections and then doing really small loops and pulling them out a bit after I got the elastic around them. These turned out a very Cindy-loo-who-ish. But cute. Ruby was beside herself with glee over her fancy hair. She told everyone she saw, "I got HEARTS!" By the time I picked her up from school they no longer looked like hearts. Apparently every time she told someone about them she reached up and grabbed them , which didn't help them stay.

So the down side to fancy hair is there was not enough time to eat breakfast before leaving for school. So they had cheerios and raisins in the car. Maybe not the best solution, but for today it worked.

No fancy hair the next two days as I have to be at work at 8am. Maybe Friday we will try another heart style...I'm thinking this one.

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stace-c said...

I love Charlotte's hair. I didn't get to see the girls at the beginning of school, so by the time I saw them, there wasn't quite as much cuteness to admire :)