Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Best Nightlight/ Flashlight Ever

Santa was nice enough to bring these cute lady bug nightlight/flashlights for Ruby and Eliza Claire.

The leaf has a cord that plugs into the wall. The bug sits on the leaf. There is a light sensor on the system and it only lights up when the room is dark. When the bug is taken off the leaf it becomes a very bright flashlight. The flashlight will work for four hours before it needs to be recharged.

I was so tired of finding flashlights laying on the floor turned on, changing batteries in flashlights, and changing light bulbs in traditional nightlights. Now I don't have to. The girls almost always know exactly where their flashlights are, they always have a nightlight and their flashlights always work.

Santa found these at Lowes, the hardware store, not the grocery store. They were approximately $15. According to the package there is also a rocket version for the boys out there - our Lowes did not have the rocket.

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