Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Conversations with the Children

Driving to choir:

Rehm: Mommy, I really feel bad!

Me: So, what is hurting you?

Rehm: My feelings.


Also driving to choir. I had asked the kids to play the quiet game
because they had all been a bit on the whiney side for the last hour.
After declaring Eliza Claire the winner, Ruby starts crying.

Ruby: Mommy, I wanted to win the game! I never win!

Me: Well Ruby, you said you didn't want to play the game and you can
not win if you don't play.

Ruby: I want to play a different game! I want to play the talking game!

Ah, a girl who knows her strenghts and weaknesses.


In the car going to the grocery store Ruby was making up songs all of
which referred to Eliza Claire as "Little Girl." Last time I checked
they were the same age...


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