Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Far, Far Away

Ruby and Eliza Claire were discussing what to take for Show and Tell this week. Eliza Claire decided to take her ki-TAR (guitar) and Ruby decided to take her merlion.

Ruby: I'm going to take my merlion that Daddy brought me!

Me: That is a great idea. Do you remember where Daddy got your merlion?

Ruby: Ummm

Me: He got it when he went somewhere way far away...

Eliza Claire: I know! He got it at Home Depot!

Me: No, it was a bit further away than that.

Ruby: I know, it was Toys R Us!

After I stopped laughing I reminded them that it came from Singapore (or Soon-a-pork as Charlotte still calls it). I guess I shouldn't expect them to know that since they were under a year old when Michael took that trip.

This is the small merlion, for some reason Michael doesn't have any pictures of the large one, even though he climbed up it.

In case you are wondering a merlion is half lion and half fish. It appears that is was created solely as a tourist attraction. Obviously it worked as I now have two stuffed ones in my house.


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