Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Even people you love sometimes let you down

When going to Sunday school this week, the kids stopped and commented on the mural* in the entry of the Children's floor. Charlotte commented on the horses and kept walking, Eliza Claire commented on the crocodiles to which Ruby responded that "they could be lizards" and skipped off. Eliza Claire paused and looked at the mural for a few more seconds and then is a very disappointed and slightly disgusted tone sighed to herself, "Ruuubby" then shook her head and walked into Sunday school.


*This part of the mural is only one of six sections. The mural was originally part of our old children's building that was torn down to make room for our new Fellowship and Education Building. Prior to tearing down the building, they cut out sections of the mural and preserved them. Seeing just this one small part is a bit out of context, thus the explanation.

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