Friday, February 05, 2010

Popcorn in a Paper Bag

Did you know that you can make microwave popcorn in a paper bag? I stumbled upon this Alton Brown recipe several months ago but had not tried it. Last week for the elementary mid week programming we were doing a snack involving popcorn so we decided to assemble microwave popcorn with the kids. They thought it was a very novel concept. Oh, we left the oil and jalapeno seasoning out of theirs.

I did a couple of test batches at home. It works great but you really need to take it out when there are two seconds between pops. If you don't use oil, the salt doesn't stick so it is pretty bland. I found a few sprays of butter flavored pam and shaking the popped corn in the bag did the trick. The staples did just fine in the microwave and did not make any sparks.

I would like to try using some different flavored oil or adding some seasoning like ranch dressing mix or Parmesan cheese to the bag prior to popping. This is definitely a cheaper and healthier way to make microwave popcorn and the possibilities are endless.

All I ask is that to show your gratitude for my money saving tip, you forget all about it when it is time for the boy scouts to sell popcorn in the fall. I know a scout who would be very sad if I was the reason he wasn't getting any popcorn sales.


Microwave Pop Corn
1/4 cup popping corn
1/4 teaspoon of popcorn salt or kosher salt
1-2 teaspoons vegetable oil or flavored oil or popcorn oil, you get the idea - clarified butter would also work

Put all ingredients in a brown paper lunch sack. Fold over twice and staple twice. Shake bag to distributed seasonings and oil. Place on top of a couple of paper towels in the microwave. Microwave for 2-3 minutes until there are two seconds between pops. Shake bag again and enjoy.


Doodle - said...

Oh my goodness!

Who'd a thunk it???

Shelly said...

Yep, and don't worry about the BSA popcorn sales. I don't think you can make Triple Chocolatey Fudge in the brown paper bag. Best (sweet) flavored popcorn EVER.