Friday, February 12, 2010

A Cici and a Grandma

Driving home from school, we were talking about the number of letters each family member had in their name. Ruby was thrilled to learn that her full name had more letters than Eliza Claire's but devastated when she learned that Charlotte had the longest name in the family. I told her that when she got married she might have a longer last name and end up with a longer name than Charlotte. Yes, I'm assuming she will get married, take her spouse's last name or hyphenate. No, I should not make all those assumptions, but they are three and we have plenty of time to get into all of those scenarios.

During this conversation

Eliza Claire: I'm gonna be close by.

Me: Do you mean when you grow up you are going to live close to Mommy?

EC: Yes!

Me: Oh, I'm so glad, Mommy would be really sad if you lived way far away. If you are close by I'll get to see you often. But if you did decide to live far away I would come visit you lots.

Ruby: Then you would be the Cici! I'm going to live way far away so you can be the Cici!

Me: So Eliza Claire does that mean I'm going to be the Grandma for your family?

EC: Yep.

So there you have it. Why does it not surprise me that Ruby plans to live far away and Eliza Claire close by?

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