Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kindle Review

Michael surprised me at Christmas with a Kindle. It really was not even on my radar screen. I love to read, but typically get all my books from the library so it had not occurred to me to want a Kindle. Having said that it was a very pleasant surprise. One that I have already grown to love.

The Kindle does not come with any kind of case, nor is it back lit. So the very first thing I did was spend several hours looking at my cover and light choices to go with it. Yes, I really did spend hours. I tend to totally over think decisions like this. It used to drive my mother crazy and now drives my husband crazy. I like to know I've explored all my options and made a very educated choice. I ended up ordering a leather M-Edge cover and an M-Edge light. I went with this brand because they make a pocket on several of their covers that their light slips into so that it is stored in the cover and doesn't have to be kept up with separately. I felt that I should order a nice sedate brown or black leather case but in the end my love for chartreuse won and I have to say I have not regretted that decision at all.


Notice the book light down the spine of the case

Light up and on

So far I have read four books on the Kindle. The first was an 800+ page novel. The next two were free Kindle books. There seem to be a couple of new free books each week. Then I bought another book last week. I figure if I only pay for about half the books and don't by new releases, my reading habit won't be too expensive.

I traveled for work while reading the first book and was so glad to be carrying the Kindle than the mammoth book. It was very handy to have the book light for reading in the hotel room as I was sharing it with my co-workers. I even found that I liked not having to worry about the sound of turning pages keeping others awake. It also led to me meeting one of the members of the band Go Fish, something that would not have happened without my Kindle handy.

I like the size and convenience of the Kindle. It fits in my purse and weighs a little over a pound (with cover and book light). It doesn't matter if I have 1 book or 20 with me it weighs the same. I don't have to worry about having the right book with me when I leave the house because I have them all available. If I forget my Kindle, I can read any of my Kindle books on my Kindle app for my Iphone. I don't like reading on the Iphone as much as the Kindle but in a pinch it works. I like that anytime, anywhere I am about one minute away from a new book. The Kindle wirelessly connects to amazon for quick and easy browsing and purchasing of books.

I have always been an avid reader, easily reading a book or more a week when I have them available. For the last few years my biggest barrier to reading is finding time to go to the library to get books. Taking four children through the adult stacks with me doesn't work very well as keeping them library quiet is near impossible. Going without them and before the library closes also proves difficult. So having books available has gotten more difficult. This has led to buying books at Sam's or where ever I might be that I could quickly grab one while running other errands. Of course, my choices have been more limited and I have reverted to paying for books. If I'm going to pay for books having the Kindle makes more sense as I can buy what I want at anytime without having impatient children in tow. I never have to be without a book. That makes me a very happy person.

I wish the Kindle was back lit as that would negate the need for a book light. Having an Iphone I keep trying to make the Kindle a touch screen, sadly it is not. The selection of books for the kindle is pretty good. I have found a couple of authors who have series I want to read that only some of the series is available for the Kindle. This is a bit frustrating when I've read the first book in the series, on the Kindle, and the next one available is book three of four.

Oh one other really great thing about the Kindle is the battery life. If you turn off the wireless, the battery will last me for 3+ weeks on a single charge of reading at least an hour each day.

Overall, I'm really glad to have the Kindle. It is not something I would have ever bought for myself but I do enjoy it. It was the perfect gift for me given my love of reading and one I'll use for years to come.



Phyllis said...

Did Helene choose the cover? I really like it.

Doodle - said...

Oooooo, I am contemplating such a purchase myself.

I am a voracious reader (my friends say I actually consume them rather than reading them :) ).

So.... what sort of books catch your fancy??

One of my sort of recent favorites is Water for Elephants. Have you read that?? Great read!