Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Moment to Savor

Tonight after dinner, all four kids were playing and laughing in Rehm's room. I looked at Micheal and said, "I just love it when they all..." I was going to finish that sentence with something like "have fun together," "get along," etc. but didn't get to finish my sentiment because Rehm loudly declared, "everybody shoot Charlotte!" At that point I just slumped in defeat.

I hope at some point Rehm decides to like his sister and quits finding every possible opportunity to make sure she knows how much he doesn't like her. I know a lot of it is just for show and just because he thinks he is supposed to not like her but it sure gets old.

It is amazing just how fleeting those "savorable" moments are.


PS Just to clarify, the twins had gotten some penguin happy meal toy that shot little plastic arrows today. That is what they were shooting their sister with.

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