Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Snacks at the Movies Trick

With a family of six going to the movies is not cheap. Adding popcorn and drinks makes it even crazier.

My solution? I bring baggies, a scoop (1 cup measuring cup) and Take and Toss straw cups. Then I buy a large popcorn and two large drinks. I divide the popcorn and drinks into the stuff I brought and pass it out.

Everybody has their own so there is no arguing about sharing. I'm not breaking the rules by bringing food in. And, I'm not spending nearly as much as if I bought them each a kid pack.

Remember to bring an extra baggie for the scoop to go in when you are finished. And, if your kids are extra hungry or thirsty most theaters offer free refills on their large popcorn and drinks.

Jenn - Posted from my iPhone


Jill said...

I love that idea. Thanks for sharing. Did they all like the movie?

Wencked said...

I love this idea and used your suggestions when we saw Cars 2 this weekend. Thanks again for the great idea!