Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer is Going to Kill Me

We are only on Day Two of Summer Vacation and I am ready for the school year to start.  I know we are all just getting adjusted to the different pace and schedule that summer brings.  But, my goodness!  My kids are whiny brats! 

As of today, Day Two of Summer, I've already done the one thing I swore I would not do this summer.  I took all four children to the grocery store to do the weekly shopping.  Honestly, the car ride to and from the store were probably more annoying than the actual store time.  And this is after re-arranging seats this weekend to split up the bickering children.  Apparently, one certain child, that will remain nameless, just can't help but bug their seat mate. 

At the store itself, Charlotte got mad that I wouldn't let her ride in the cart.  She is almost 8!  What is she thinking?   Ruby and Eliza Claire insisted on riding in a cart even though I told them they are really getting too big.  Their argument consisted of reminding me they are only four.  So I'm taking that to mean when they turn five later this month the cart goes.

Of course, after procuring the  humongo cart with the added two seats that is impossible to steer, five minutes into the shopping the girls didn't want to sit in it.  Bummer for them, that wasn't a choice.  I told them they were the ones who wanted to ride and ride they would, for the entire shopping time.  I wonder if they will be so insistent about riding next time?

Rehm and Charlotte actually got a few Camp Life Skills lessons while shopping.  Rehm was in charge of keeping a running total of what we had spent so far and Charlotte was in charge of marking things off the list. 

Hopefully, we will all survive the first week of summer.  I know it will get easier as we all get used to spending so much time together, but I really hope I don't have to take them all to the store again any time soon.


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Lisa said...

I feel for you. The beginning of summer always takes some time to get everyone back in the swing of things. My kids forget how to stand in a check out line "nicely" during their months at school. We are headed to the grocery store in a minute - my first trip with all 3. Now you've got me nervous! :-)