Friday, June 24, 2011

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

See bottom for an update on the swimming lesson fit.

This morning Ruby came in my room to snuggle. While chatting she informed me that she would like " a date with just me and mommy where I could have some bubble paper and salad!" by bubble paper she meant bubble wrap.

Later this morning she pitched a huge fit because I tried to help her with her swim cover up after swim lessons. She informed me that I was "pure evil!"

After we got home she had room time because the fit still wasn't over. From her room she decreed that she was NEVER coming out. I told her that was fine. Then I heard her yelling, "But you will bring me food? I've gotta have food! You must bring me food!"

She has now emerged from her room and is in a much more pleasant mood. I think the fear that we might not bring her food finally got her over her room strike.

Such a funny child. I just don't always fully appreciate some of the many facets of her personality.

Update: Later in the afternoon Cici, all three girls and I loaded into the van to go to the quilt shop. We picked out fabric to make a new table cloth for the dinning room. I love the fabrics and can't wait to see the finished product. But I digress...

We got in the van. Ruby sat down in her car seat and discovered it was damp. She proceeded to inform me that it is wet because she didn't wear her cover up home from swim lessons. I agreed and empathized with her that she chose not to wear it. At that point she informed me, "Yes,it is all your fault, Mommy, that my shorts are going to be wet when we get to the quilt shop!" And well, what was I really going to say to that? I chose to silently disagree with her on that point in hopes another full fledge fit would be averted.

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Renee CK said...

Oooh, but you will love it when turnabout becomes fair play and you receive a call that starts "MOM! Do you know what your granddaughter is *doing*?!"

You will smile and say "Ah, yes. I remember having a daughter who insisted I was pure evil."

They make us smile and our hearts larger, don't they?!