Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Banned from the Library?

Sunday I took the kids to the library so we could all get books. The girls did not nap that afternoon, which seems to be a new trend. Everyone did really well until it was time to check out. Then both the little girls started pitching a fit to get out of the stroller, which wasn't a choice! Of course I had about 20 books to check out, my card had to be renewed and I had a lost book to return. At one point the librarian asked if she could bring the rest to me in the lobby? The way she said it came across that I was unaware of the problem. I wasn't. I know they were loud. I know that it was the library. I know it was disrupting. But I had to get the books otherwise there was going to be an even bigger fit.

Of course Ruby's fit lasted all the way home and for another 10 minutes after getting here. So about 30 minutes total. Man, can that girl pitch a fit.


Cici said...

Believe the saying is "the apple does not fall far from the tree"!!

At least she also got the part of you that was really sweet, and independent when she is NOT pitching a fit.

Shelly said...

What great customer service they offered though - to let you take them into the lobby and have them bring the materials out to you. A Win-Win it sounds like.