Friday, September 19, 2008

What are the Odds?

Last night I heard the unmistakable "thunk" that meant someone had fallen out of bed. Sure enough about 3 seconds later it was followed by crying. It was Ruby. Then about 10 seconds later and before I get to her room, I hear another "thunk" and more crying. It was Eliza Claire falling out of her bed!

Now what are the odds of having two children fall out of their beds 10 seconds apart? I found this so amazing that when I got back to my room I woke Michael to share it with him. He was not impressed or amused. Tell me how you sleep through two children falling out of the bed and crying about it?


Cici said...

The way you can do are born MALE!

Keri said...

I second that.... he can sleep through it because he is a MAN. Scott never once woke up to our kids crying. I had to elbow him a few times to get him up. ;-)