Saturday, September 06, 2008

Visiting Family

I'm still catching up on blogging about the summer while trying to stay current with what is now going on. If you get confused I'm sorry.

Ruby playing golf with Papa

We went to North Carolina for two weeks this summer. It was wonderful! OK so there were some not so wonderful parts - me being sick, Eliza Claire dislocating her elbow, Michael having a business trip to Toronto in the middle of our trip, coming home just in time to have to put the cat down. But overall it really was a great trip and we had a great time visiting with family.

Eliza Claire and Charlotte with Uncle Pee Wee

Charlotte and Michael at Mickey's(breakfast spot)

The first week we were there we hung out at my parents house. That meant that most mornings, and by most I really mean every morning, we went to breakfast with my parents at the local breakfast place, Mickeys, and had breakfast with their friends. My parents have been having breakfast with this same group for at least seven years and maybe longer. It is always great to see everyone and catch up with them. Most mornings we would also see my Uncle Pee Wee there as well. [Sidenote: His real name is not Pee Wee, it is Eugene. I think my great grandmother started calling him Pee Wee. He introduces himself as Gene. My grandmother calls him Bud. My great aunt Ina used to call him Peter - I think this was her more dignified version of Pee Wee.]

Granny, my girls and me

I took the kids to visit my Grandmother a couple of days. I think my loud bunch was probably a little much for her. They tire me out and I'm used to them. So I can only imagine what it was like for her.
Charlotte and Ruby playing together at Cousin Vicki's

The kids LOVED the power wheels. They thought the were great fun.

Eliza Claire was very brave to be riding with Charlotte. I hope she calms down before turning 16.

Eliza Claire playing with Cousin Zander

We had a big family get together at my cousin Vicki's house. It was so nice to get to visit with everyone and watch all of our kids have a blast playing together. At times like this I wish we lived closer or got to visit more often. I really enjoy my family and love just getting to sit around and chat with them. But I have to admit it still feels weird to be the "adults" at these gatherings and not the "kids."

Oh and my family mostly lives on the family farm. My Grandmother, Uncle Pee Wee, Parents, Uncle Steve (and family) and Cousin Vicki (and family) live on the farm and all within sight of each other. This is how a grew up, with my family for neighbors, with land to roam, barns to play in and crops to tend. It was a great way to grow up. I love the family get togethers and really appreciate when I get to be a part of them now. Though growing up they were a weekly occurrence called Lunch at Granny's.

Our second week in NC was spent at the beach. I'll be writing more about that week in a separate post.

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